Yet, today was another tiring day for me.

Bangun pagi dengan keceriaan; di samping bergegas utk bersiap ke pejabat; sebab kna ikut one of my colleague to UiTM Shah Alam - ada appointment.

Only to realize that my motorbike could not be started. I mean, the engine, of course. In that situation; after spending some money earlier on that bike, with hopes that it will not cause me any trouble any more (at least for a few months to come lah); there goes my morning... Trying damn hard to start the engine. This time I did not really have ideas on what's happening. Taking for granted that the problem this time might not be the battery, so, I made an assumption that something's wrong with the wiring.

Went to the office by car; not really actually, I drove myself to the office - with mom sitting next to me. She's gonna tk the car back later. Reached the office at 9.27 am. Damn!

Went out for the appointment and doing some bulk mailing at Pusat Mel Bukit Raja, Shah Alam.

My colleague then dropped me at Shah Alam's KTM Station; since I'm taking half-day leave today; to fix whatever problem with my bike. Reached KL Sentral like an hour later and quickly jump into the Putra LRT. Delayed. Sabar lagi.

Masjid Jamek. Delayed for like 40 minutes...? Then the train was then moving...BACKWARDS; heading to Kelana Jaya! I was supposed to go to Terminal Putra okay.. not the other way round. Damn for the 2nd time.

Took KTM again from KL Sentral; heading Kuala Lumpur Station, taking Star LRT to Ampang. Mom fetched me up and went home.

Trying to figure out the problem with my bike, I changed the new battery back to the old one and surprisingly the engine started... (the new battery.. I put in the bike's basket). For a while. Few times. Okay, maybe 3 or 4 times lah. Immediately grab this opportunity to go to the nearest workshop; like 300 metres away from house and that fella said that the battery was the problem. So, there goes my money again, changing the battery since the previous 'new' battery that I bought was actually rosak! Damn! (3 times).

Rode back home with a smile. Switch off the engine and got amazed with the magic - the lights were still on! Anyway, I didn't really realize it until Dad tegur... Rode back to the workshop. That fella pun pening. He later then said that smthg wrong with the wiring.

And you know what? My bike is still there - at his workshop. He asked me to come again around 9pm.




  1. iyllienaz said...
    erk..dugaan betul arini..and hope by 9pm all gonna be alright..
    Janggel said...
    Fuh sadis sungguh harimu ini ya Nuke! Sabar jer lah....
    FaizalSulaiman said...
    benar-benar dugaan ni bro..
    sYukCurZ said...
    sabar ek..
    AkU said...
    brape bnyk damn da??
    erk~~aku paham..aku paham..
    kite ni..rider..keno sabo je..

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