I know you have been checking on my blog frequently. So this entry is for you.


Things happened for reasons. And sadly, things were (and are) not working quite well with us. We once were buddies, we shared most of our times together - doing things, travels, the sleepovers, etc. But, things changed. I am no longer a friend once you knew very well. And you are no longer a friend whose emotions I can easily predict. Not anymore.

We have got too close that it seems very hard for us (especially you) to put everything we once share at the back of your head; back of your life; back to the place called 'memory' or 'lesson learnt'.

We are adults. No longer teenagers, growing up and still figuring our lives. You have created your own life path as I have started to embark my adventurous journey. We are good with it. Supposedly, nothing to be worried because that's how things work. The life.

So, let bygones be bygones; by moving on to the next chapter(s) of your own life; as I do on mine. Do not ask forgiveness from me but yourself. Do not continuously blame yourself for what you have lost.

We may no longer be friends now, and let the time flies. Who knows what will happened in the future -  whether in this remaining life on dunya or the hereafter.

I have always proud of you; your achievements. But never proud of you torturing your soul over what happened.

So, unless you can prove to me that you can continue to be a great person (includes no longer stalking my blog), after reading this; you can fuck off and do not ever think to (even) dream about me again.

Sorry, not sorry, pal.


I have a story to tell.
You got to listen to this story.

Okay, go on.

Alright! So there is a guy. He is just an ordinary guy. Typical layman; working eight-to-five job except on some occasions that require him to stay longer at the office. So, along the way... working, he met this bunch of people, soon became his clique and close friends. He would go out lunch, dinner, movies and some occasion together. But he later found that there is this one girl, that keep catching his attention.

Is she hot?

She is just an ordinary girl. A lady, to be precise. Full with emotions, funny, knows how to make jokes and fun of him. She always spare some of her time to be with him, apparently. She is nice and beautiful.

Okay... So?

So, that is the thing.

The... what?

The thing. He is totally confused then. Because he has forgotten how to be in love, again. Though he knows the hints and so on, he's just like, confused; you know... Like, panicking. What to do now, what to do next. How he is supposed to react, and such.


So, he consulted with his brother. Later his mother. And he's still do not know what to do. Eventually, the girl probably lost hopes in him and things aren't like before. Their eyes no longer met; they lose words. They become a complete stranger. Mostly because of him; keeping his feelings to himself, by not telling the truth. Probably, that guy is no longer the girl's muse.

Duh! What a stupid guy.

Yes. Coward, actually.

Has he seek guidance from Him?

Eventually yes. And everything's heading towards one thing. That girl.

That must be a sign.

Perhaps, but you know, 'Decent man is for a decent woman" thing.

So, is she not a good kind of person?

Not that girl. But him. He knows he is not a good person. Never a good person; at least not for her.

So, you are a God, now? How do you know?

... I don't know. He felt that way. Always.

...Or, could it be that the girl will be the reason for him to be a better man?

Hm, I got your point.

So, who is this she?

Urm, a girl?

Sigh, and who is this 'he'?


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