Alhamdulillah, aku still hidup dan menghirup O2.

Yesterday. I went to Putrajaya with Nora. She is not my girlfriend ya. She is my coursemates. Although we were going out like we are couple, but we are not a couple. We might fight-fight with each other, and sometimes laugh-laugh together, but we are not a couple.

Back to yesterday,
It was 2.45 pm when i drove Nora's Kancil and went to Pasar Tani Mega at Presint 2. The objective of this trip were:-

  1. Take my medicine from my mom.
  2. Get some pocket money from my mom
  3. And ask for her advices on my life and studies.
Eventually, the 1st objective only achieved due to some technical errors. Meanwhile, my mom and my cousin-yet-we-treat-him-like-our-sibling, had some sales there. It's like i'm bringing luck eventhough i am such a burden i guess.

My mom said that she will bank in some money later. I am not hoping actually... but like Malay saying: "rezeki jangan ditolak"... i patiently wait until the time is come.

Then, before we say bai-bai to mom n my cousin-yet-we-treat-him-like-our-sibling, i asked my mom about this 1 antique-yet-must-be-expensive-I-guess... box. Then my mom said that i can have it...for free.. wee... i was like.. thank you mom, for this precious gift. i love you...

antique box; a gift from my mom

Today's story...(eventhough today is not over yet..)

There's replacement class on 10 am til 1145 am. i woke up at 8.15 am. feeling lazy to take my bath and then, when i already got dressed, i qada-ed my subuh prayer since i missed it accidentally.

Picked Ferdi from his place and went to class.

After class, we asked Nora to join us walk-walk to somewhere out of campus, and like hell, Nora agreed since we're already 'lost' our 3 close friends... Lately, Ferdi, Nora and I were very close.

We went to Hardnet Kajang where Ferdi bought his printer's milk (ink), and went to Pizza Hut and eat there. Oh. Ferdi 'belanja' we.

Ferdi seems to be very happy to 'belanja' we

After walk-walk and drive, we went to Fern Park in UKM and snapped some photos so that when we are old, we can laugh-laugh together.

at Fern Park (i dont know the name)

Then, Ferdi went back to his place and rest in peace and harmony in his room. He is currently online on YM.

Then, I go to my room. do some laundry.. watching porn (this is untrue!), and update my blog.

Oh, I miss J too.



  1. charco said...

    no no no..Glory2 Man United..

    nice haircut though!!(nada sinis)
    kidding ya!
    NUke_Rude said...
    eleh.. MU x main aa..
    gurindam jiwa said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    tOpeQ said...
    miss u 2...
    ejan said...
    'luv u 2'said J
    tOpeQ said...
    jom kte maen teka name awek amier...
    ok, skrg kte tahu name awek amier stat dgn hurup antara kemungkinan name awek amier ialah..calon2 nye...

    1) jenab
    2) joyah
    3) jamilah
    4) jennifer(dah xde idea ni)..huhu
    5) johan...(layan...)

    pe lg.. undi2.. mane 1 name awek amier.. hahaha...
    nora de lala said...
    betul2. kami sudah berpunya..
    MU rock. yeah2..

    j= joyah. mcm komersial ckit. haha.
    tp johan pun ok gak. lebih berintegriti. haha

    im sorry j. no hard feeling ek..hehe
    NUke_Rude said...

    siot ah korang!
    teruskan lah meneka!

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