Her last record was way back in 2007, which is 4 years ago. Avril Lavigne is back with the much-anticipated album, Goodbye Lullaby released on March 08; comprising of 14 tracks including Alice, served as a hidden track. Well, not so hidden anyway since the track was listed on the track list on the back cover of the album.

Goodbye Lullaby was a moderate performance from Avril in terms of song-writing, and lyrics. Synonym with her style, there's just a lot of short lyrics in almost every song, for example 'I can be tough, I can be strong. But with you, it's not like that at all' in her Wish You Were Here; also, not to forget in her Alice. Give Black Star an exception as the song was originally compose as a jingle in supporting her Black Star fragrance. The song however saw the mature side of Avril in selecting instruments (for the entire album, I can say...) to make it a little 'epic-sound' and it deserves a compliment as the opening track of Goodbye Lullaby.

She also wrote and co-wrote each of the songs in her latest album (as usual), and also produced 2 tracks - 4 Real and Goodbye; which were fully written by herself.

Overall, What The Hell is the most outstanding and the pop-est song in Goodbye Lullaby, while the rest sounds more or less of ballad, a bit of 'country'. Thanks to the other co-writers like Butch Walker, Max Martin, Evan Taubenfeld and Shellback, for polishing up some of her songs; hence creating some (extraordinary) pieces like I Love You and Everybody Hurts, which I can say the best songs in this album besides What The Hell.

After all, Goodbye Lullaby is so comparable with her previous work; Under My Skin, where Avril seems struggling (a lot) in proving to others about her ability in song writing. No harm okay! But I think she is not that good when it comes to 'filling up the yada yada yada with meaningful words or phrases'. As a result, there were 'oh oh', 'la la la la' and 'yeah yeah yeah' here and there. Also, you can easily notice that this album is more like a 'therapy' for her divorce with her ex-husband, Deryck Whibley in 2009. 

Try to look on the good side; Goodbye Lullaby somehow proves that her vocal is still good, ear-friendly and getting better (maybe) compared to her previous works. Her voice seems to be a bit 'edgy' in some tracks which has made the songs 'rock' like hell (yeah).

Goodbye Lullaby is a must for her fans, but for others; it's no big deal if you didn't get a copy of it. Just purchase couple of good songs as listed below.

Recommended songs from Goodbye Lullaby:-
  1. What The Hell
  2. I Love You
  3. Everybody Hurts
Avril Lavigne's previous album was The Best Damn Thing (2007); and last heard on Alice (2010). Her most successful single to date is Girlfriend, topping the Billboard Hot 100 for a week in 2007.

Score: 66%



  1. FaizalSulaiman said...
    Nice review. ni yg nak pi merembat satu neh:) hehehe

    banyak idea ko,aku suka baca! keep writing, bro!
    tengku_fir21 said...
    i love you..
    wajib dgr :)
    Afir said...
    already dgr satu album
    but then tetibe rase true avril mcm hilang dlm album ni....x tau, cant feel the avril power cam dlu
    NUke_Rude said...
    haha. sure ko nak beli 1? hahah. at ur own risk ya.


    true. dah tak kick cam dulu2. maybe sebab lagu yang terlalu cam sedih kot.

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