It was Sunday when I decided to go back home a little bit early from an event. The sun was erected almost on the steep angle atop of my head. It wasn't really a favourite condition for most of the people out there. Traffic light. A T-junction. I noticed a motorcyclist turned in to the junction without acknowledging the red light in front of him. He then turned into another junction in that housing area, in which my family & I were staying. I decided to turn left, heading home. While he & his friend on the bike were in a complete 180 degree direction from where I heading. We're split.

Nobody's Home. No.. I don't mean the Avril Lavigne's song.

Nobody is home. Mom and dad were at a Kenduri Kahwin somewhere at the back of the housing area. My friend's brother is getting married on that afternoon. I don't bother coming & joining my parents to that occasion as I don't know my friend's brother. I decided to go to Kedai Jimat then. To buy a top-up card.

In which I noticed the two guys on the bike, those that I nearly hit as they didn't stop at the red light, were also there on the road. I felt quite pissed-off with them. I parked my bike, pull out the keys, and head to the counter after grabbing a bottle of Pepsi.

"Top up Maxis, Sepuluh Ringgit, ada?"
"Okay. Bagi 1"
"Alamak bang, 5 Ringgit je ada. Kalau bagi 2 boleh?"
"Hm, okay lah."

Pinnn!!! Pinn!!!

A car honked so loud that the guy at the counter ran off to the outside and screamed to someone. Remember the motorcyclist & his friend who nearly made me hit them? Yes. The friend stole a customer's bicycle parked in front of the shop. The counter guy, by the name of Faizal, son of the shop owner, who'd we called Abang Mat, who decided to turn back to the shop while he & his spouse are supposed to go to the Kenduri Kahwin; somehow managed to grab the motorcyclist & take the bike's key. They get caught red-handed.

Okay. The stories is so long, that the conclusion of it has been published in my previous entry; Kasih : Kecewa.

Back to the top up. As I was in my office attire, and it was Sunday, I knew that I need to rush off. So that I can do my laundry and all stuffs. Some more, the weather is so promising that it's not going to rain, at least until 8 pm.

Reached home. Undressed. Got naked beneath the towel. Laundry.

This morning, I was asking mom if she happened to see the top-up cards that I bought yesterday. I might have them misplace somewhere on top of the table in the living room. She said that she'll keep it for me if she found it. Well, it didn't take me 5 minutes to gain my memories back.

I head to my room, looking for the pants that I have already folded & put in the basket. I knew the cards are still in the left pocket.

And yes. You are right, it's already 'gone' by becoming a smaller piece of starch-like papers.

And I knew, I'd just waste my precious RM10. And it's end of month, and the salary is not in yet.



  1. Ri said...
    lupa lagi? hmm.. your RAM size is much smaller and more erratic than what i have been privileged to observe :P haha!

    sabar ye? these things happen to even the best of us.
    ada la tu perkara yang dah kita bazirkan dalam proses mencari rezki yang menyebabkan kita 'tak deserve' that part of our rezki


    it could also be that you'd be better off in future without the RM10 worth of top-up ;)

    who knows? Allah aje yang tau.
    so renung2 balik dan usaha la sebaik mungkin. insyaAllah diberkati.

    mak aih!!! makin lama makin panjang komen aku :P
    iyllienaz said...
    aghh..aku benci gila dengan ads yang keluar bila aku klik ko nye blog ni..2 ads plak tu..
    FaizalSulaiman said...
    baru baca kasih tu.

    patutla curi basikal, aku iangat orang besar.

    Malau kalau kejadian tu jadi kat kita.

    ps:dah hujung2 bulan, semua desperate neh.ahahaha
    Mr.Clive said...
    hahaha bro sebijik mcm kes aku ritu la dengan top up gini! angin sial!
    LOL XD

    chill bro.shit happens!
    Lizquek said...
    wahh ur english bagus jugak ya?
    NUke_Rude said...
    haha. im getting older. my memory is getting bad.

    oh! ya ke? pelik tu! salu kalau aku tekan, kuar 1 ad je!

    haha. thx sebab baca.
    NUke_Rude said...
    hahaha. i think most of prepaid user will face this kind of shit, at least once in their life...

    ahahaha. (malu)

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