I dedicated this chapter to those broken-heart(ers). And for those who once seek for my advises during the school times.

Do you really-really remember the moment you have a crush on someone? Probably not. How about this; do you really-really remember the moment you fall in love with someone? And do you remember who's that lucky girl / dude?

If you ask me that questions, my answers probably will be "Nope". Because I am too busy playing with the books during my school time. I am too busy to bother about having a crush or accidentally fall in love with someone. Why did I mention 'school time'? Because I believed that most of you had crush / fall in love during school time. And that's explain why there's need of Larangan Untuk Bercinta a.k.a Couple in the Buku Peraturan Sekolah.

We're forbidden to fall in love during our school times. Do you ever wonder why? Me...? Maybe yes. Twice. The first time was back in 2000; when I first read the Buku Peraturan Sekolah after mom bought it from Kedai Buku SMKTM. I was in Form 1 at that time. The second time was probably when I was in Form 4; entering the MRSM; during the taklimat by the Pengetua about the Peraturan Sekolah & Asrama. I think, then only I started to have a pandangan about elderly people - they'd love to show their so-called power to stop the youngsters from doing things that they like. Well, old people are being old people. We can't blame too much, right?

We're getting older anyway..? In a lot of aspect.

Let me rewind my personal life a little bit. Back in 2002; Form 3. Apparently on that time, I was a member of Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya. Those who were wearing a purple uniform, with a blue necktie and a name tag on the pocket. Luckily I didn't wear any glasses; or else you guys will have this imagination of nerdy guy with a huge backpacks walking down the stairs. That's totally not me. I'm just the guy with purple uniform. And doing fine. I can say that I have a good feature on my face; but it's just not the right time for me to have a girlfriend during that time. I am a little bit childish.

But not after I realised that everyday there will be people.. and people coming over to me and tell me about their so-called love problems. As a PRS, of course I need to look professional and able to suggest a solution for those broken heart(ers). I told them to pray hard, get themselves closer to the God, and just focus on the studies... just name it; whatever crap that you can say. And they actually listened to me!

You see? How bitch someone can be? Acting so powerful of handling problems, and whatever difficulties in their life; but the fact is that little 'me' that time was a Zero-Knowledge about what do they called LOVE. I feel bad. I feel I've cheated a lot of them with those nasihats.

Am I really... that bad?



  1. Alia Sa'ad said...
    awww ... you sounds cool with 'they actually listened to you' . hahaha xD

    anyway , when are you going to write stories again ?
    i want to read your stories . :)
    avid gunner said...
    woa..you're like the shrinks who make a living by telling people what to do about the shit you don't even know. except you know. you dont make any money. hahaha.
    Joey said...
    i banyak bagi nasihat.

    tapi. i tak praktikkan pun nasihat yang i bagi.

    hey. orang minta nasihat. just give what they want la... :)

    p/s aku pun rasa muka ko muka PRS sangat.hihihi
    tengku_fir21 said...
    zixol said...
    love is just a bunch of hormones.

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