How are you? I got to know that you're organizing this kind of contest due to your sickness of having difficulties looking for a new and good song recently. Hence, I really hope that the music that I'll recommend to you below will somehow entertain your night life.

This time, I would like to recommend Haunted. By the American country singer, Taylor Swift. Taken from her latest album released last year; Speak Now.

Disclaimer: I personally do not suggest(-ing) any readers to download any songs ILLEGALLY. Please buy and purchase original musics.

If you think country song is only for Americans; and somehow think that it's only for old folks, I bet you're wrong after knowing Ms. Swift. Knowing her after the international hits, Love Story released in late 2008, I personally think that most music listeners are now started to accept country music. Some of them don't even know how to differentiate between country, ballad, and Etnik Kreatif. I feel bad.

Zaki, Haunted is probably the most pop-rock song (besides, knowing her as a country singer) in Swift's new album. As you can hear the strings harmonise with her edgy vocals, electric guitars and nicely played-and-recorded drums. That's why I suggest you this song. At least your night will be haunted by 'Haunted'; just like what I have experienced after I heard it for the first time.

If you want to talk about the lyrics, I think you will get impressed even with the first couplet. 'You and I walk a fragile line; I have known it all this time.' The word Fragile itself has explained the vulnerability of the persona in the song.

Anyway, Zaki. I totally hope you will enjoy Haunted, as much as I enjoy it until now.

Not forgetting to Farhana and FaizalSulaiman, please be informed that you've been tagged for this contest! Please do the homework ya!




  1. FaizalSulaiman said...

    aku mang nak join kontes zaki neh, dah ko tag, ok nanti aku buat keje umahnye.hehehe
    zixol said...
    wah rajin pulak ko join contest..btw best gak lagu nih
    farhana said...
    Thanks for d tag =)

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