Dedicated to Angah; who is always makes fun of everything around us. The jokes, the laugh, the thoughts, and the helps. I love you Angah.

Back in 2004. I was in the final year of school. A boy who will be facing the big challenge in his 16 years old time. What else; the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. During those days in MRSM, I hardly go back home eventhough that we're allowed to do so once in every month, if I'm not mistaken lah. Ended up, I am not even bother to go home for more than 2 months. For me; and at that moment, I feel greatly independent and it's like a big record of my own.

The fact is that my home is about 200 km away from that MRSM; and some more I hardly get enough money to buy the bus ticket which cost me RM18.90 per trip. To menambah perisa to the reason I'm not going back to the hometown is that I'm holding the Bengkel Seni key, that some of my friends might need to use it over the weekend to finish their projek seni, and I am so lazy to trust them to hold the key; until the end of the Form 5, eventually I pass it back to Cikgu Julianaasnizah Omar.

And that is when I think that I'm getting closer to Angah. Angah is my sister. We're 7 years separated; in between there's another sister, and 1 brother in which I called them Alang and Abang Uda. Obviously because they're the 3rd and 4th among 6 of us.

Whenever my pocket started to kering, I will call mom using the telephone provided by Telekom Malaysia in which the call will be charged to the person on the other side. In that case, the student (like me) will no need to pay a single cent for the calls made. Now that I realized that I had burdened my already-full-with-other-commitment-mom, with those 15 minutes calls that I usually made every Thursday.

No. I am not home-sick. I'd just need mom's help in terms of financial.

Along and Angah totally understand that how loser can you be when you're staying in Asrama, and have no money even to buy the Apollo sticks that only cost you 20 cents. At that time, I do have savings, but rasa malu nak tukar at the Kedai Koperasi or the Cafeteria. After all, it's all about your air muka.

I know, if mom doesn't have any money to send over to me via Pos Laju, then Angah will be the one responsible for taking out her own money and mailed it over to me. Of course, using the Pos Laju as well. She will also bear the cost of the pos laju registered mail as well. I think, it only cost around RM 1.70. Angah will send 2 pieces of RM 50 note inside the well written letter; asking me to use the money wisely and don't forget to study elok-elok. So that bila I dah berjaya, everyone will be happy.

Angah. How can you be so good; sacrificing your investment in ASB, and send the money all the way from KL to Penang for your little brother. I owe you so much that I'm not sure how to pay all the good deeds that you have thrown over to me.

And now I know that it is now my turn to help my younger sister. I cannot complaint right? After all, these are the reasons why we need our siblings.

Don't you think so?



  1. FaizalSulaiman said...
    this is really good happening to myself also.

    adik beradik, air dicincang takkan putus:)
    zixol said...
    bootunque said...
    terharu aku baca cite ko ni...pengorbanan seorang adik...
    NUke_Rude said...
    air dicincang takkan putus. interesting!


    :) terima kasih.
    Joey said...
    wohow.....guna telesiswa jugak ek time dulu2..

    p/s memang tak pernah cukup duit. Tak dapat biasakan diri. Kicked.
    My case. :)

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