This writing is dedicated to all working people. All. Anywhere in the world.

The cikgu in the class has always reminded us that we need to study smart from now; so that we won't be suffer from 'unemployment' after we left the menara gading. Literally, I am not quite sure that we have a Menara Gading in Malaysia. But I know that there's Menara Alor Star in Kedah. Well, you can see it from the Lebuh Raya Utara Selatan; facing north, it will be seen on your left.

But that is not the main idea. It's not about menara at all. 5 years from 2004; in June; I'm already a grown-up guy. Who eventually earned the title of penganggur. But that wasn't long until I got my very first job; as an Project Sales Executive in a local privatised-company. I cannot say the company's name, can I? After all, it's all about my personal life.

It was fun working over there; where I had a very good & responsible Manager, and then the people around is warm welcoming me on board as one of the staff. None of them are cold, but I can say some of them are cold-hearted..? That they tend to use other people to finish their own tasks. That's when I started to understand the difference between sitting in the class; and sitting in the office. Or in the meeting.

I missed my cikgu English. Ms. Sarah Amzah. She got married with a Dutch; and stayed over there. My last gift to her was a blue-white cuboid candle; wrapped with the transparent book cover; with a small card on it. She claimed that it's her favourite; I mean, the candle. Obviously not the wrapping; or the card. And I also missed my cikgu Saliza. She thought me Mathematics, Bahasa Melayu and 1 other subject during Standard 2 & 3. And oh, she loves to gift the excellent students some presents; to motivate them and the rest of the class to do well in every Ujian Bulanan & semester exam. Well, I always got #1 in class, for 5 semester in a row!

But I don't really miss my previous office. I mean, I miss some of the people; of course, the good ones. But those who're not so good; why should I miss them? It's better for me to miss my old-buddy and my other classmates like Asyraf Yaakub, Nurul Iman, and Abdul Ghani. It's been years that I didn't see them. That's what you call worth-to-miss-that-kind-of-people.

Then, I'd just realize that this is why older people or the senior staffs always said to the new staffs:

"Welcome to the Ugly-Working-World!"

I thot I got their points right now.



  1. AkU said...
    Life is a bitch..seriously..Once my mate told me.."No one die as a the fucked us all..."
    FaizalSulaiman said...
    work: one term I can describe as 'predatory'. You must excellent top to toe for all aspects such like paperwork, performance, relation and dont forget on how we gonna lobbying others coz working field might turn into a political thingy.Annoying isn't it?
    farhana said...
    1 je perkara yg obvious pasal kerja:
    "Tak seseronok masa belajar"
    E.d.Y said...
    dunia pekerjaan penuh cabaran..mesti rindu time belajar balik
    zixol said...
    damn..i miss my buddies!
    NUke_Rude said...
    trust me; some ppl will still think that life is great. and about that quote; i seems to agreed with you. haha.

    yeap. it starts to annoy when it involves politics. i mean, kerja mana je yg takde main politik dalaman kan? aku pun tak brani cakap.. sebab skang ni mungkin sebab muda; dah tua2 nanti; ntah2 generasi kita pulak yg berpolitik dalaman. n ended up generasi muda pulak yg membenci kta. :)

    couldnt agree more with you farhana! I missed my cikgu(s).
    NUke_Rude said...
    yeap bro. itu semestinya. Sebab zaman belajar; segala kesilapan tu masih boleh(lah) dimaafkan. hahaha.

    haha. pergi lah carik dorg balik..
    Anonymous said...
    mish my cikgu juga!
    tak sabaq nyew mau masuk alam pekerjaan..
    lagi 6 bulan!!!
    Joey said...
    funnily, I hate my study year than my working year.

    Some people might say I'm getting luckier every day.

    Still, I should be grateful. :)
    NUke_Rude said...
    lelaki ini:
    hahha. x saba nak masuk alam pekerjaan? hahaha. tgu dan lihat je bro. haha.

    ya. you're funny!! n you shud be grateful. haha!

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