Thank you so much to those people who had wish me 'good luck' etc etc in the past few days. Just for your information, I was away to Kemaman, attending PAC. If you didn't know what PAC is; you may 'google' it anyway.

Being away from the hectic and busy-ness of KL is such a blessing. Some more has inspired me to 'back to basic'. It is just nice there, with minimum hassle, less traffic jam, low cost of living; eventhough one's will be surprised that meals+drinks for 2 person will cost you RM9 at average.

Another reason to be away from big city (as for now, I am referring to KL) is the hardworking & efforts that we put onto some projects seem not to be recognised. So, why bother?

Yeap, it is quite frustrating knowing it; some more when you're away from work with such a reluctant feeling to do so; but at the same time you know that you have to be 'away' in order to get and find a better position; living; and earning, maybe?

The doctor that I met when I was having 'pre-hypertension' may be right;

"Are you sure this is what do you want to do? Perhaps, it's now (a sign) that you have to do the right things."
- referring to my previous research that I've done during my university's time. That doctor encourage(d) me (at that time) to pursue my studies.

And now, sitting in a cafe surrounded by university's students; I have this perception.
Students; they don't really know what is happening out there - in the real fuc*ing corporate-working world.

And now, I am not quite sure; should I become a student again; or just continue living as a workman.



  1. FaizalSulaiman said...
    i would like to say congrats for what u did so far. Its heavily hard to grab PAC opportune. Do ur best bro!

    Being changed from one phase to another consider part of our life actually. But when it comes to sudden change, its quite hard.hahaha

    Again bro, best of luck!
    tengku_fir21 said...
    buat dua-dua.. :)
    Lizquek said...
    eh eh... ada adult content ni! LOL!

    take it easy, nuke.. pray bout it. :) HE will guide you.
    sYukCurz said...
    Take it Both. I know You could Have it.
    Anonymous said...
    amier, PAC yang Ptd itu kan?hehe.kalau betul,good luck! lpas ini,intervw palk.insyaALLAH dpatlah itu...hehe...

    p/s:kkdg jadk student,'sakit' jugak mir...hehe

    Joey said...
    Apa itu PAC?

    google pun nggak bisa menemukan jawapan yang sebenar...

    bekerja dan belajar? It might suit for you.

    As for me, I dont have heart and brain to study anymore. Until I know what do I need to study again. For the moment being.

    But you'll never know, I might continue study because I was boring in my work. LoL

    P/S Oh. now i can call you amir, right? Hahahaha
    NUke_Rude said...
    thanks. for the wishes, and the goodluck.

    noted. haha.

    dah censored la. hahah
    NUke_Rude said...
    should i? not ready for that yet.

    yeah. tau. jadi student pun sakit gak. haha. thanks!

    no, u can't call me amir, yet. haha. yeap. perhaps i will pursue my master somewhere soon.

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