It was not a very good start.
Neither the start. Nor the end. 

She is not happy at all.


24 months ago.

Amylea, a very beautiful young lady. She was one of the best architecture students in her batch. She was so sure that she will be a very good & prominent architect. And she will work very hard and smart towards it. She really, really mean it. She saw herself 5 years from then, whenever she looked into her own reflection in that piece of silver-layered mirror.

While on the other part of the globe; yet in the same hemisphere, there was a man. Young man. By the name of Haniff. A man, who will be a very well-known chef, someday. At least that is what his father always said. He's not really sure why he's learning those things that he did not like. Of course he didn't say it out loud. In front of his father.


Facebook was the only place for these two person spent most of their free times. They will simple browsing through profiles, looking for the good ones, view their hot pictures, sometimes dropping by at the walls just saying 'Hi'.

It was Haniff's profile. He spotted a comment on his Facebook's wall. It sounds something like this:

'Hi! You've got a very nice profile pic!'

And wasn't really sure whether he wants to keep it, or remove it. So, he quickly turned the browser shut, before heading back to the studies. He'll be having a test on the next day. He just thought of that.


Done with the drawings, Amylea decided to check on her Facebook. 2 unread messages.


Oh, it was Roxanne Bytch. She's guessing it's a spambot, who's promoting and selling those viagra & penis enlargement products. Or it could be those people who'd love to sell themselves online. She quickly get rid off the message. Proceed.



Who is this guy?

'Thanks. U got a nice profile pic too. I bet u like photography...'
In response to the wall comment posted 23 days ago. Haniff complimenting Amylea's profile picture. Showing a very nice view of steel bridges. Something that you can easily guess. It's the Golden Gates.



3 months ago.

I will be back to Kuala Lumpur this September. Maybe... we can meet up. Or hang around. I'm just saying... maybe. But of course, I hope you will say 'Yeah, no problem!' - He said.

Why not? I'll still be around that time. - She replied.

Cool. Don't you want anything from here? - He asked.

It's okay. But I would love if you can buy me a small snow globe... since I don't have any chance to play with the snow here. - She requested.

Snow globe? You sure? - He verified.

Yup! Snow globe! - She insisted. 


12 days ago.

Hey! I might not be able to meet you in KL, I guess. I have to join a study trip with my course mates to Italy. So, I'm sending you the snow globe first yea? I know you're going to love it! By the way, you can always reach me via Facebook. Sorry. But There's always time in the future, right?

She kept reading the message sent by Haniff. Repeat.
She kept reading the message sent by her friend. Repeat.
Amylea kept reading the message sent by that boy. Repeat.
Amylea kept reading the message sent by Haniff; the boyfriend. Proceed.


That was the last message from him. Ever. Haniff was killed while en route from Japan to Rome via Hong Kong in the Cathay Pacific incidents near the Chek Lap Kok Airport. His body perished and never been discovered, together with the other 37 passengers & crews.

Amylea had no tears to shed as if she was prepare for it. The first gift from the person she loves most is now becomes the only, and the last.

And she soon realise. She did not even have a picture of them, together. Something to be remembered.

She got no more reason to still be alive in that Facebook life.


Notes: My English is not very perfect, so I sincerely apologise for any grammatical errors occurred. Plus, this story is a reflection of my imagination.



  1. Ri said...
    this is GOOD
    am itching to correct the 'england'
    but then it wouldn't be original

    let it be
    iyllienaz said...
    ni macam lagu najwa latif plak..hehe
    FaizalSulaiman said...
    this is ..(by far) the best story after KAC!

    Simple but nice.I'm not gonna look forward on your grammatical error but the language use is very simple and easily understand!

    congrats bro!!!

    i can even imagine how long i'll sit infornt of my lappy to write short story in English as well need to revise all those rules(grammar)

    great great great!!
    NUke_Rude said...
    haha. thanks. guna pen merah kalo nk wat correction english aku tu. haha.

    haha. pulak!? :p

    waaah! kemain! biasa2 je kot. mmg saja nk guna simple words + language. or else, pembaca & aku sendiri takkan faham nti!

    initially, the story line was waaay different. :)
    Ungu said...
    This is something different. Did not expect the ending.
    Joey said...
    eh. you mean they add each other but didnt know each other?

    dorang dah add each other ker?

    And boleh ker komen kat wall orang yang kita x add????

    matilaa persoalan. walaupun cerita, tp kena fikirkan juga.

    apa, dorang pun jadikan fb sebagai mespes jugak ker? LoL
    NUke_Rude said...
    thanks. :)

    yeah. can, if you allow 'everyone' to view & post on it. hahahah. :)
    lama pula rasanya x nampak ko dlm dunia maya ni.

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